The Most Unique Person

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Jesus carrying cross

H.G. Wells wrote, “Christ is the most unique person of history. No man can write a history of the human race without giving first and foremost place to the penniless teacher of Nazareth.” Rabbi Stephen Wise said concerning Jesus, “You will find that He is divinely human. It is no mean joy to us of the house of Israel to recognize, to honor and to cherish among our brethren, Jesus the Jew, who has influenced the world more than any other man.” This person called Jesus lived on earth for only 33 years. He never traveled more than 100 miles from His home. Yet Charles Lamb was right in saying, “If all the illustrious men of history were gathered together and Shakespeare should enter their presence, they would rise to do him honor; but if Jesus Christ should come in, they would fall down and worship Him.”

Prayer for the day

Loving Lord Jesus, I would honor You this day and evermore—in adoration I worship You, my Savior and my Lord.

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  1. Lilly says:

    Amen. 1Timothy 6 : 15 and 16.

  2. Gerry says:

    Jesus Christ , name above all names.

  3. Joyce Paul says:

    Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross is The Greatest of all wonders. How Marvelous! How wonderful! Is my
    Savior’s Love for us!!! God Bless Dr Graham abundantly! amen.

  4. limbu sunita says:

    It was encouraging & thanks to lord for he is working through his people.
    Thank YOu

  5. Melanie Dodge says:

    Yes, please send emails.