The Madness of the Gospel

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One of the great needs in the church today is for every Christian to become enthusiastic about his faith in Jesus Christ. This is the essence of vital spiritual experience. The apostles had been with Christ, and they could not help but testify to that which they had seen and heard. Every Christian should become an ambassador of Christ with the splendid abandon of Francis of Assisi. Every Christian should be so intoxicated with Christ and so filled with holy fervor that nothing could ever quench his ardor. The Gospel that Paul preached seemed madness to the world of his day. Let us have this madness! Let us capture some of the magnificent obsession that these early Christians had! Let us go forth as men and women filled with the Spirit of God!

Prayer for the day

Create in me, Lord, the abandonment to reach out unreservedly with the message of Your love.

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  1. martha says:

    Praise God

  2. ola marie bagsby says:

    I’m a child of god and god is good

  3. Sarah Garrett says:

    This is so true! I believe the people marching to get prayer back in their school have this wonderful madness. I am looking inside my heart to see how I can go beyond what I do now. I want more of this madness in my life!

  4. Gerry says:

    Be ready at all times to tell the story of your faith in Christ. Explain why there is peace in your heart and let your light shine.

  5. Alice N. Kambo says:

    Indeed this world will not give us,in return, eternal life for the kind of expectation we require. Only through living passionately for Christ and sharing His good news will we experience heaven right here on earth, and long to be with Him for eternity.

  6. Joyce Paul says:

    He who has Holy Spirit as his resource has already won the Victory. Only JESUS, The Living Water, can satisfy the thirsty soul.PRAISE LORD!