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To one of the most religious men of His day, Jesus said, “Ye must be born again” (John 3:7). Nicodemus could not substitute his profound knowledge of religion for spiritual rebirth, and neither can we. I have read a book on water skiing, and it did not take long for me to learn that I could never learn to water ski by reading a book-I would have to experience it.

I have read a number of books on golf, but none of them seems to improve my game; I must get out on the golf course and play. You may study theology and religion, but there comes a time when you must experience Christ for yourself.

Prayer for the day

Lord, You have given me life and I praise You!

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  1. Nuwamanya Zadoch says:

    Amen, this life is forever

  2. stephanue posey says:

    I love Billy Graham he is a Awsome Godly man

  3. EZEKIEL OGUTU says:

    God bles you

  4. Karen Collins says:

    i strive to reach out to the lost by the example of my life.

  5. Jestial Tino Makatini says:

    Yeah thank u lord for this life

  6. Carol says:

    It’s showing the world the love of Jesus thru our actions & behavior that draws unbeliever’s to Jesus.