A Pure Heart

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The Pharisees were not happy men. They had furrowed brows, nervous tension, frustration. They were full of resentments, bitterness, prejudices, and hatreds. Why? Simply because they had lost sight of God’s conception of the pure in heart. They thought that as long as they kept the letter of the law that was enough. But this was not God’s plan. This did not produce purity of heart. This did not bring about happiness of soul. Jesus taught that God looks deeper than the outside actions of an individual. He searches and ponders the heart. God judges not so much the outside as He does the inside. He looks to the motives, thoughts, and intents of your heart.

Prayer for the day

Father, give me purity of heart that in true humility I may serve and praise You.

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  1. Dante love Jones says:

    I Love God More every day . We are blessed to wake up and enjoy the beautiful day god has gave us and we should all pray for a pure heart and humility !!!! ! God is awesome love !!! amen !

  2. momo blamo jr says:

    the lord is the strong hole of my life i pray that his blessing n favor wi alway be wi me n i wi alway like to read more bible story n pray point to motivate my spirit so that i may alway be in the present of God

  3. Mary Evans says:

    .I am praying for Dr. Graham.