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Does God still heal people, like He did when Jesus was on earth? If He does, then why do we need doctors and medicine? Shouldn't a strong faith be enough, and isn't that what God wants us to have?


I have no doubt that God does intervene on occasion to heal people without the aid of medicine — but nowhere does the Bible urge us to reject medical treatment. God has given us the ability to develop modern medical treatments, and we should see them as a gift from His hand.

It’s interesting that Luke, who wrote two major books in the New Testament (Luke and Acts), was a physician; Paul called him “our dear friend Luke, the doctor” (Colossians 4:14). Luke witnessed a number of miracles while traveling with the Apostle Paul, and he realized that they came from God’s hand. But he never rejected the use of his medical skills, because he knew God could use them to bring healing.

This doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t pray when someone is sick and ask God to heal them. Ultimately, our lives are in God’s hands, and even when He uses medicine to bring about a person’s healing, He still should get the credit. The Bible is clear: “From the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death” (Psalm 68:20).

You are right, however, when you say that God wants us to have a strong faith. But how does our faith grow? It begins with our personal commitment to Jesus Christ and His will for our lives. It continues as we grow closer to Him through reading His Word, the Bible, and through prayer and fellowship with other believers. Is your faith in Christ growing stronger every day?

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  1. linda perez says:

    I learned that all components are necessary for balanced and true spiritual growth. However, reading the word at home and daily worship are my way of maintaining a strong intimate relationship with my Lord.

  2. Ram says:

    God had healed me miraculously of tuberculosis many, many years ago. So when my best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer I had no doubt he would get well, miraculously. We claimed bible verses and rested in His promises my friend would get healed. But he didn’t. The disease spread to his prostate, stomach, and finally to his eye, eventually claiming his life. Now I have some doubts God would hear any prayer I say, at all. I’m so confused.

  3. Amos Asankomah says:

    I am still looking forward to God to heal me ….Please help me in prayers

  4. Carlos Alberto says:

    I undestand what he is saying, but it seems like… well just accept that He doesnt heal anymore. Lets face face, if it were by faith, lots of us would be healed. I keep hearing, “well, you just dont have enough faith”. How much faith do we need exactly? I believe in Jesus, I believe he rose from the dead. So, lets see.. I believe that a man I nevee met walked on watee, fed thousands with little, was crusified, resurrected from the dead, forgave my sins, and I never sen or heard Him… yet I have little faith? If you ask mw, He just doesnt heal anymore. It cant be that NO ONE HAS ENOUGH FAITH, thats just crazy. God bless, brothas and sistas.

  5. Jeff Bowden says:

    I believe that God does speak to us and tells us what we should do. Just like had a shooting nerve pain in my leg. I prayed, and He told me to drink lots of water. So I did and later the pain slowly started to go away. So I believe that God tells us the simple solutions to the problems.

  6. Bob says:

    Does God heal people today?
    Do you have current examples of it?

  7. Haseena says:

    Please pray for my brother sandeep who is going through a chemo….need complete healing……I’ll agree and pray for all the request here thank you