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Can you prove that heaven exists? I'd like to believe in heaven, but I'm not sure I do. I've read about people who claimed they were taken up into heaven, and then they later described what they saw, but how do we know they weren't just imagining things?


Occasionally, God may give some people a glimpse of heaven, although I believe such instances are rare, and need to be treated with caution. The Apostle Paul told of someone (probably himself) who was allowed to experience heaven’s glory (see 2 Corinthians 12:2).

Our proof of heaven, however, doesn’t depend on alleged reports; at best, they can only confirm what God has already told us in His Word, the Bible. Instead, our assurance of heaven depends solely on the promises God has given us in His Word. From one end of the Bible to the other, we’re reminded that we weren’t meant for this world alone, but we were meant to live in God’s presence forever. The Bible says, “Our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20).

How do we know those promises are true? Ultimately, we know it because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Think of it this way. The only way we could know for sure that heaven exists would be for someone to die and go there — and then come back to life and tell us about it. And that’s exactly what Jesus did. By His death and resurrection Jesus Christ overcame death, our final enemy. Jesus’ promise is true: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies” (John 11:25).

Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, for He alone can assure us of eternal life. Then put your faith into action by following and serving Him every day.

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  1. Audrey Jones says:

    Heaven is real for Jesus went to heaven when he rose from the dead. Then he came back to earth and visited his disciples and followers. He even told the disciples he was going to heaven to prepare a place for them. He is there now preparing a place for all of us who believe in him, for when he makes his second coming.

  2. Sylvia Martin says:

    The answer came simple yet profound. I believe in His word and thanks for making it so clear again.

  3. (Thelma) Marie Lankford says:

    Lord Jesus, I believe. I have my husband, 3 tiny babies and 2 daughters waiting for me in heaven, and of course my parents and 2 sisters, and I hope to meet all of you there.

  4. Sam Fernandez says:

    I agree. We cannot see it now but it certainly exists. Just like the air we breath, the electricity flowing in our appliances, the radio waves that let us communicate with each other, we don’t actually see them but we are certain they are there.

  5. Adewale Paul Abiola says:

    This is a perfect answer, more grace to God’s servant

  6. pam ahnee-sua says:

    Thank u for explaining about heaven it really made sence that jesus died n rose again to show us that heaven is real

  7. Yvonne Simmons says:

    I am one who had a dream that I had been taken to heaven by two strong, stately angels. I didn’t understand what was happening, I attempted to get from their grip but they held me firmly but gently as they moved swiftly through the heavens, faster than any known speed. When they came to this huge structure which was completely transparent, that is when I realized that I was dead because I was lowered through a part of this building and placed on a bench and I went through not feeling a thing. I sat for a while, observing my surroundings then I got down from the bench and started walking and when I came to this corridor, I was drawn to this most beautiful brilliant light, there I entered this area of awesome brilliance. I will never forget.

  8. Patricia A. Pinkston says:

    I have known my God …I was a about 4 yrs. old, looked over into the woods and saw the beauty and sunshine that He had made and remember it to this day.! I know Jesus from my Sunday School classes. and reading my Bible. I became a school teacher, a Sunday School teacher, and best of all..a Mother. Thank you Dr. Graham… and all teachers.

  9. Mercy Lalitha says:

    i like your messeges. Many souls must go to heaven. May God bless your ministries. praying.