Will Our World End?

54:52   •   February 15, 2014

Billy Graham preaches on the end of the world according to Jesus. – Sheffield, England 6/19/85


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  1. Ruben Ramirez says:

    Thank u

  2. Susie says:

    Hearing the messages that Pastor Billy Graham is preaching. That helps me to find more truth to what I was taught. It really encourages me to live the life with Jesus every day. I thank God for Mr. Billy Graham to preach to gospel so truthfully. It has helped me to grow spiritually.

  3. Danni says:

    Such a great sermon! I thank God for Billy Graham, i wish i could have watched him live

  4. Sesinando Bao says:

    The message is great blessing to me.

  5. Osea Tamburella says:

    This is a kind of message I have rarely heard in the last years. Actually, I hope nowadays we christian might be more courageous to speak the truth with no compromise and led by that love God poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Surely, I and many like me need more commitment to be more Christ-like in our choices and more involvement in warning this world as Noah did. May we surrender our life completely to Jesus to see His Kingdom move forward as times come to the end.

    I, personally, give thanks to God for the way He led Mr Billy Graham. May God bless him and the whole family.

  6. leisa payne says:

    I just finished watching Billy Graham’s sermon, Will Our World End! What a powerful sermon, and what a blessing!! I just cry sometimes, and I don’t know if it’s tears of happiness, or tears of sadness, thinking I’m not doing as good as I should. But thank you so much, for bringing the word of God!

  7. martha says:

    God send him to preach the word; he’s real. I never heard somebody preach like Mr Graham with so much love and dedication to God. God bless Mr Graham.

  8. Cathy Miller says:

    I was 8 years old when Mr. Graham was on TV. I accepted Jesus as my savior through his preaching on that day. God Bless Mr. Billy Graham for following what Christ wanted for his life.

  9. Rodney Hogston says:

    thank you

  10. Pat Gomez says:

    I listened to Mr. Billy Graham in Chile for the first time, I was 9 years old and never forget his blessing words. Took many years of my life to became a real Christian almost fifty years. I thank you Mr. Graham that helped to understand the love of Christ and my personal salvation.

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