Will Graham: ‘A Lot of Tears’ Yet Billy Graham’s Message Lives On

01:46   •   February 24, 2018

“My grandfather preached all these years so that you could know that you can have your sins forgiven.”

Before his grandfather’s motorcade left the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, Will Graham talked about the days ahead and how everyone can know they’re going to Heaven.

Will Graham will speak at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina, Aug. 10-12 about how we can praise God in the midst of trials. Find out more.

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  1. Susan Suuta says:

    I am hoping to come there along with my friends, Laura and Margaret. They have been there a few times and tell me it’s beautiful. I will not need my own room unless there is a complimentary one available, as I do not mind bringing my blow up bed to stay in their room. It’s actually quite comfortable. Is there a charge for me to register for this event? I saw Billy’s daughter at a ladies’ conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, years ago. Awesome speaker. I hope this works out.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Susan,
      We hope you and your friends are able to attend! The Cove Experience has a charge, but the actual seminar is free and registration is required. The information you are looking for is available here: http://www.thecove.org/Event/events-detail/e-2082-satans-snares-and-gods-goodness/. Hope that helps!
      —BGEA Team

  2. Debra McRae says:

    I’ve been watching Rev. Billy Graham’s sermons on YouTube and am thankful they are there. I am 62 and have watched his broadcasts all of my life. I’m praising God for all he did and the future of BGEA.

  3. Alecia Bennett says:

    Billy Graham was a true man of God. He kept me uplifted and encouraged me in my walk with Christ. I will really miss him. I am glad he made it to heaven at last.

  4. Jean Goforth says:

    Mr Graham led a life well-lived. He ran the race well, and he won the prize!

  5. Barbara Carlton says:

    Billy Graham was a man of God!!

  6. kay wright parsons says:

    I first attended a Crusade as a teen 68 years ago, and feel that Billy Graham has always been part of my life and family. An everlasting blessing.

  7. Norman Rohrer says:

    Thank God our Savior for the ministry of Billy Graham.

  8. Dot Hamblet says:

    Blessings to you and your family!

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