Truth and Freedom: A Classic Billy Graham Message

28:33   •   June 19, 2017

Watch as Billy Graham preaches about the “father of lies” (Satan) and the truth and freedom we find in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Mai Yuriko says:

    I love you man of God. I am so blessed with your messages. Thank you very much.


    Sempre que prego ,lembro de Billy Graham exemplo para todos os homens de Deus desta geraçao.

  3. Virginia Davila says:

    I’m 68 years old and I’ve followed Billy Graham’s ministries for many years. I always feel better after listening to him.

  4. Nelson A. Carbonell, Sr. says:

    I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 12 years old. I am now 77. My wife and I had 7 children because of our faith in Him.
    We had 24 grandchildren; one of which, Patrick Shifflett, is already in heaven with the Lord. We know this because, although he was only 18 years old when he died, he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was living a remarkable Christian life.
    Blessed be Jesus our Lord and Savior!

  5. Doris Williams says:

    I always enjoy your sermons. God bless you.

  6. Reda Kilgore says:

    I so much enjoy and appreciate this ability to hear Billy Graham preach again. Please keep it up. Thank you for the ability of those of us who love Jesus to hear His word. Praise God for Billy Graham and those like him around the world who keep at us sinners to shape up before it is too late. Love to all in your organization that keep this coming. Thank you so much.

  7. Clint gee says:

    Very true.

  8. Bhupal Rai says:

    I am so blessed this morning as I was watching the sermon. God bless him.

  9. Olusesi Balogun says:

    Thanks for this. Please, remember me and my family in your prayers also.

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