Truth and Freedom: A Classic Billy Graham Message

28:33   •   June 19, 2017

Watch as Billy Graham preaches about the “father of lies” (Satan) and the truth and freedom we find in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Nancy Fox says:

    He is the best evangelist there ever was.

  2. David Vasala says:

    Amazing speaker. I have been listening Billy Graham’s powerful messages. They are blessing to me.

  3. Robyn Addington says:

    Thank You Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for each and everyone of us and thank You, Lord God for everything that You do for us!! 😍❤

  4. David Hayesa says:

    Amazing how simply he presents the gospel. Thanks for sharing. We need this now in America in a desperate way, like in the days of Noah.

  5. Timothy Bennett says:

    Mr. Graham is helping me so much at this time in my life. I feel as if God is leading me into something new. Mr. Graham’s messages are so encouraging. I love him!! Thank you. 😇

  6. Mafutaga Sagote says:

    I was so blessed when I saw and heard Billy Graham’s powerful message from God about the Truth, Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. Amen and praise the Lord.

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