‘Come To Jesus’: A Song In Memory of Billy Graham

04:00   •   February 24, 2018

“Come to Jesus” written by Chris Rice © Copyright: Rocketown Records, LLC

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  1. Judy Carter says:

    I really enjoyed Brother Billy Graham’s messages. ❤️

  2. Bill sissel says:

    Love gospel music

  3. Glenn Skjoldal says:

    What a welcome home party!

  4. JOY FISCHER says:

    Love the song.

  5. Randy hardison says:

    Billy graham had great sermons I listened to while Jesus healed me from cancer. Thank you.

  6. Lanetia says:


    1. Kathleen Wyatt says:

      So appropriate and beautiful. It is reflective of Billy Graham’s life shared by Ruth’s as well.

  7. Robin F Weigel says:

    Such a wonderful song. My mom is 85 years old. Her mother’s birthday was the same day as Billy Graham’s death. I used that to spring board into sharing Jesus with my mom. After 40 years of praying for my mom, she prayed the sinner’s prayer on Feb. 27, 2018!

    1. Denise Short says:

      Congratulations, Robin! Her salvation, like all of our lives, is in His perfect timing. Praise God!!!!

  8. Linda Turner says:

    Beautiful. Praise God for this wonderful family.

  9. Elijah OGBONNA OKORIE says:

    Great man with a great legacy. What a life!

  10. Jean Ramey says:

    If you didn’t know Jesus, after listening to Billy Graham you most certainly would want to.

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