Are You Making Room for Jesus?

09:36   •   December 13, 2023   •   Topics:

The night Jesus Christ came into the world, His parents had to lay Him in a makeshift cradle—a manger, or feeding trough, meant for the animals.

“The One who brought the Christmas, who gave us Christmas, who is Christmas could not find a room to be born in,” Billy Graham said.

In this clip from his 1979 Christmas message, Graham explained how an innkeeper in the small town of Bethlehem missed out on being part of the greatest night in history. Not realizing the significance of Jesus’ birth, the innkeeper turned Mary and Joseph away because there wasn’t any room. Instead, they spent the night in a stable.

It’s the same with many of us today, Graham said, so “preoccupied with our own comforts and our own desires” that we crowd out Christ.

“Are you going to make the same mistake and just give Jesus the stable compartment of your life?” he asked. “I’m asking you to let Him be born this Christmas in the central places of your heart and life. Let His birth and His presence fill your home and flood your heart.”

Have you invited Jesus Christ to be part of your life and surrendered to Him as your Lord and Savior? Experience His peace this season and always.