‘You May Never Have Another Chance Like This’

By   •   February 28, 2024

Laredo, Texas, was the third stop of the 10-city God Loves You Frontera Tour along the southern U.S. border.

The Sames Auto Arena began filling up just after 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening, shortly after the workday had ended in Laredo, Texas.

Once settled, the crowd of 6,900 heard the Gospel shared through music and a message from Franklin Graham on the third stop of the God Loves You Frontera Tour.

“The Bible says today is the day of salvation,” said Franklin Graham. “You may never have another chance like this.”

Those words were a wake-up call for 18-year-old Caleb*. The teen wasn’t thrilled when his dad invited him to the event, but he came anyway.

As he listened to Franklin Graham explain sin, particularly sexual sin, Caleb felt convicted. “I felt really guilty,” he said. “It touched my heart and that’s what made me decide to follow God.”

“I wasn’t going to come, honestly,” he said. “I don’t know why I did.”

“It was God,” his dad, Rey answered, beaming from ear to ear.

“I have been praying for my son to make this choice since he was born.”

Franklin Graham’s message was on the Bible story of Manasseh, a wicked king who was punished by God—and then humbly asked the Lord for forgiveness. After he repented, Manasseh was restored to his throne.

‘A Weight Was Lifted’

Prayer volunteer Jahaziel Bojorque talked to Miguel,* a man in his mid-20s who also responded to Franklin Graham’s invitation to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Miguel’s heart was moved by the evening events and the presentation of the Gospel.

“It was like a weight was lifted off of him,” Bojorque said. “He found peace with God, and he found peace within himself.”

Bojorque gave Miguel a Bible and a booklet that explains how he can grow in his new faith. “So you can continue walking with God,” Bojorque told him.

“We’re going to connect you with a church,” he promised Miguel.

‘Turning Point’ for Jesus

Jeanette Silva de Ponce is on the leadership team of a church in town which encourages its members to become chaplains and also serve their community by helping distribute food to the poor.

Tuesday, her church volunteered at the God Loves You Tour event, believing this could be an opportunity to reach Laredo area youth. “Many young people don’t go to church,” Silva de Ponce explained. “They’re not looking for God anymore.

“They’re looking for the supernatural; they’re just looking in the wrong places. We need to be the turning point to guide them to Jesus.”

Her prayer is that many students and young adults will earnestly seek God after making a decision for Jesus Christ.

“I am hoping this event lights a match that starts a fire,” she said. “Not only within our city, but in our nation.”

*Name changed for privacy.

>>Please pray for the God Loves You Frontera Tour.