Where Is God in the Midst of Disaster & Disease?

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Unexpected events—whether they’re personal catastrophes, regional storms, or the rapid, global spread of the coronavirus—can prompt us to pause and wonder what God is doing. Is He trying to tell us something?

Billy Graham encountered questions like these during his six-plus decades of ministry, and his Bible-based answers still ring true today.

5 Bible-based Truths for Any Storm

1. How Can I Still Be Thankful?

We lost our home and almost everything in it to a fire a few months ago, and it has been devastating. I know the Bible says we ought to give thanks in every situation, but how can God expect us to thank Him for this? I’m not sure if we’ll ever recover.
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2. Is This Storm God’s Judgment?

When a country experiences a bad natural disaster, is it because God is judging them for some sin they’ve committed? If so, why don’t other countries go through the same thing, since most of them aren’t all that righteous?
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3. Why Would God Spare My Life?

How do you know when God is trying to tell you something? I walked away from a bad car wreck a few weeks ago with only a few scratches, and I couldn’t help but wonder why God spared my life. I could have been killed just as easily.
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4. Why Did God Let This Happen?

We lost almost everything we owned in a flood a few months ago, and it has really been hard on us. I know I ought to have more faith that God is going to sort it all out, but the truth is we’re depressed and almost overwhelmed. Why did God let this happen to us?
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5. Is God Trying to Get My Attention?

My life has been one disaster after the other the last few years, mostly because of some dumb decisions I’ve made. Do you think God is trying to get my attention?
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