Thanking God for New Life in Mexico City

By   •   February 19, 2024

More than 43,000 people heard the Good News of Jesus Christ at the Franklin Graham Festival in Mexico City, Feb. 17–18, with over 4,000 making a decision for Christ. Please pray for all the new believers, that they will get connected to local churches and grow strong in their faith and God’s Word.

Twelve months of prayer were answered in two evenings on Feb. 17–18.

Churches in Mexico City experienced the power of God at the Esperanza CDMX (Mexico City Festival of Hope).

Altogether, more than 43,000 people heard the Gospel in person, and over 4,000 made a decision to follow Jesus Christ as their Savior.

“Many people think [being] religious is all you need,” Franklin Graham explained Sunday evening. “Religion cannot save you. Going to church cannot save you.

“Only God can save you. That will only happen if you come to faith in Him through Jesus Christ.”

Franklin Graham (right) is joined by BGEA Associate Evangelist David Ruiz, who interpreted for the two-day Esperanza CDMX Festival in Mexico City. More than 13,000 also watched the event online from around the world.

Franklin Graham’s message was based on the story of Manasseh (from 2 Chronicles 33:1-20), describing him as one of the most wicked men who ever lived.

King Manasseh worshiped false gods, encouraged sexual immorality, and led his people far from God—prompting the Lord to dethrone and imprison him. It was behind bars that Manasseh repented of his sin and God forgave him.

The evangelist told those listening how they could be forgiven, too, and gave an invitation to make a life-changing decision.

“God will forgive you,” said Franklin Graham, “but you have got to come to God through His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Sirilo came to the outreach on a bus from his mother’s church. Responding to the invitation, he confessed his sins and turned to Christ.

After talking with a prayer volunteer, Sirilo fell to his knees, sobbing—worried that God wouldn’t forgive the sins he’d committed. “I’m asking God for help and forgiveness,” he said. “I don’t want to disappoint Him.”

Before leaving for home, another volunteer embraced the young man and assured him that God had already forgiven him.

“He’ll take that shame and sin and He’ll remove it,” said Franklin Graham. “Tonight, you can be cleansed. Tonight, you can be set free.”

Mauricio was invited to the outreach at Palacio de los Deportes by his boss, Mario. The two often talked about faith and God’s power, especially in light of Mauricio’s marriage problems.

Mario had been praying for Mauricio, and as the event neared, he invited him to come.

Mauricio took it all in from his seat—the lively worship music and the clear explanation of the Gospel. That night, he joined many others in surrendering his life to Christ.

Afterward, Mauricio couldn’t stop smiling and said he wants to ask God for wisdom and help concerning his marriage.

Festikids began the evening with colorful performances and a Gospel presentation for children and their parents.

Thanking God

Over the past months, 2,000-plus churches have gathered together for five large prayer events to lift up the Festival, said Israel Mosqueira, who helped mobilize congregations.

Every week in Sunday church services, members devoted 15 minutes to pray for the Festival.

As a youth pastor, Mosqueira’s prayer has been that many young men in the city who are trapped in drug and alcohol addiction would come and find freedom in Jesus Christ.

“Mexico is a city with a big need,” he said. Bad decisions have severed relationships, and many families have been torn apart.

“The Festival offers an opportunity for people to receive hope and a message of God’s love,” he said.

That hope prevailed this weekend, and more than 500 young men age 25 and under, surrendered their life to Christ.

Will you pray for all the new believers in Mexico City? Watch a replay of this past weekend’s Esperanza CDMX Festival. 

More than 20,000 people filled Mexico City’s Palacio de los Deportes on Feb. 18 for the final event of the outreach.