Tennesseans Find Healing After Devastating Tornadoes

By   •   December 20, 2023

“Praying is not the only thing you can do. The best thing you can do is pray. Prayer changes things,” said Mike Clark, who has been a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain since 2010.

Mike Clark, a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) chaplain, arrived in Clarksville, Tennessee, a day after horrific tornadoes tore through the state.

The storm killed at least six people—including two children—injured dozens more, and damaged over 100 homes.

“The word that keeps coming up is brokenness,” said Clark. “People just keep saying, ‘I’m broken, I’m just a broken person.’”

“But the common thread is that Jesus heals brokenness. He is the mender of broken hearts and broken lives, and that’s what we keep focusing on.”

Residents of one Clarksville apartment complex were informed last week that—due to tornado damage—their building was condemned and they needed to vacate the premises in 24 hours.

For one family, this meant relocating to Texas, where their closest relatives live.

Chaplains helped carry belongings out of the apartment complex, and provided emotional and spiritual care as residents began to grapple with all that was happening.

BG-RRT chaplains shared about the peace in life’s storms that God offers through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Four people—including a woman and her young son from the apartment complex—prayed and accepted Him as Lord of their lives.

“If we can give [people] Jesus, He can change their lives,” Clark said, tearing up. “It’s amazing how God turns the chaos into calm.

“[These people] may have lost a lot of their belongings eternally, but they found Jesus eternally.”

Please pray for the people of Tennessee and Kentucky who have lost so much in this horrific tornado, and for chaplains to continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance.