‘Strongholds are Broken’ at Frontera Kickoff

By   •   February 25, 2024

“All of us have sinned,” said Franklin Graham, whose message in Brownsville, Texas, was interpreted in Spanish by David Ruiz. “There is no hope—except Jesus.” The Frontera Tour, with live music from Marcos Witt, Taya, and Dennis Agajanian, continues along the U.S.-Mexico border, finishing up in Chula Vista, California, on March 9.

As the Texas sun was setting over Brownsville Saturday night, Franklin Graham had one simple question for the large crowd gathered at the opening of the 10-stop God Loves You Frontera Tour.

“Are your sins forgiven?” he asked the 3,800 people in the crowd. “If you choose Christ tonight, your sins will be forgiven.”

Hundreds stood all over Brownsville Sports Park, including Natalie,* a young mother who left her 1-year-old with a sitter to come to the Frontera Tour. But she still had her doubts.

Not Too Far Gone

 “What is holding you back from coming to Jesus?” prayer counselor Karina Rodriguez asked Natalie.

 “Things in my life,” the 22-year-old replied, tears flowing down her cheeks as she was overwhelmed with doubt that God would forgive her many sins.

Karina repeated what Franklin Graham had just preached from the stage—God offers forgiveness and freedom through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

 “He can forgive all your sins,” Karina said, asking Natalie if she wanted to accept that forgiveness.

 “Yes,” she responded with relief, and the two prayed together.

“She was welcomed to the family of God tonight and she left smiling—with a Bible in her hand,” Karina said excitedly.

Karina’s husband, Humberto, served alongside his wife as a counselor on Saturday—which also happened to be his birthday.

“It’s the first time Franklin Graham has preached here,” she said. “so it’s part of history.”

Humberto, whose birthday was Saturday, serves as a local pastor and jumped at the chance to volunteer. “We feel that God is moving the pieces so there can be a revival in this area—and we want to be a part of it,” Humberto said. “What a beautiful way to celebrate my birthday.”

Many people found new life through Jesus Christ in Brownsville, Texas—the largest city on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande Valley.

Recalling What God Did 56 Years Ago

Counsellor Kathy Kesterberg remembers committing her life to Jesus Christ at a 1968 Billy Graham Crusade in San Antonio, Texas.

That was 56 years ago when she was 11 years-old—around the same age as the group of three girls she shared her story with following Graham’s message. The three friends each invited Jesus into their lives.

“This is exciting,” said Kesterberg—who’s lived in Brownsville for 30 years.

“It’s been my prayer that strongholds are broken.”

A Family ‘Reunited’

A father and mother attended the event with their two small children.

The father was emotional as he explained to counselor Edward Marks how he and his family believed in Jesus, but that he had “strayed” from the faith.

Graham’s words of hope encouraged him to “get back on track”.

The young father rededicated his life to Jesus, and prayed with Mark for, “God to build him up to be the man of God he is supposed to be.”

“His family stood right there next to him and they were just elated that he came back to Christ,” said Marks.

“It is awesome because now the family is reunited as one.”

Please pray for the God Loves You Frontera Tour. 

People all over Brownsville Sports Park stood at Franklin Graham’s invitation to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Prayer counselors followed up with these new believers, giving each a Bible and a book to help them grow in their faith.