Researcher Inspired at Billy Graham Archive and Research Center

By   •   May 30, 2024

Ben Potter—a local graduate student—stands outside the Billy Graham Archive and Research Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I really appreciate Billy Graham being able to chart a course and stand in his convictions,” Potter shared.

From the late 1940s to early 2000s, Billy Graham carried the Gospel message to millions of people across the globe. His ministry spanned a tumultuous time: from wars and assassinations to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“Billy Graham was interacting with all this,” said graduate student Ben Potter.

As crises came and went and culture changed, Graham’s message stayed the same, always focusing on the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Potter recently visited the Billy Graham Archive and Research Center to conduct research for his dissertation on how Graham’s faith directed the way the evangelist lived during these historic events.

During his time there, Potter studied a variety of original records—including photographs, videos, and audio recordings—that showed the principles on which Graham based his life and ministry.

“I was impressed not only by the quality resources that were available, but also by how much the staff genuinely cares and were super helpful and interested in my project,” he shared. “This was definitely one of the best archive experiences I’ve ever had.”

In addition to the support he received for his project, Potter also came away from the center with something greater. He left with the inspiration to follow God more wholeheartedly.

“The constant with Graham was his dedication to the Gospel. That’s inspiring and helped me in my faith.”

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