Lacey Sturm Talks of Pain, Suicide, Redemption

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Lacey Sturm took to the stage at BGEA’s summer 2011 events to share the dramatic story of how God saved her from taking her own life.  “It felt like God of the Universe showed up,” she said.


Thousands of youth and young adults saw Lacey’s moving testimony in Milwaukee and Denver – and thousands more watched live online around the world. Please share this link with someone who needs to hear this.

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  1. Kerry Triacheff says:

    So lost. I’m always wrong somehow

  2. Deborah says:

    Lacey’s testimony was very real to me. I could relate to her feelings of suicide. I have tried to kill myself three times, and each attempt should have killed anyone, but I didn’t die. I got so mad at God for saving my life. I felt that He didn’t want me either. My friend told me that those lies were from the devil, and she had me read Scripture to see who God says I am. It has helped me through this journey. It isn’t over, but at least I know that God loves me, He’s walking this journey with me, and He holds me when I feel that I can’t go on. God is faithful, we can trust Him.