Israel’s ‘Supernatural’ Battleground

By   •   February 13, 2024

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is heartbreaking—and it’s not the first time God’s chosen people have been attacked.

Have you ever wondered why Jews have been persecuted for much of the world’s existence? And what’s behind the significance of this small piece of property in the Middle East?

“This is God’s land,” said Cissie Graham Lynch on her latest Fearless podcast episode.

And referring to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, she asked, “Why is this small city such a conflict for the entire world?”

Cissie recorded this special episode in Jerusalem with Samuel Smadja, who is director of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Israel, president of Sar-El Tours, and pastor of a Messianic congregation there.

“There’s nothing unique in Jerusalem, but God decided to elect Jerusalem,” he explained, “When you talk about the Jewish people—you have to understand it’s a supernatural warfare.

“It’s a fight between the power of darkness and the power of light.”

Smadja’s family has experienced first-hand the enemy’s hatred of the Jews—his grandfather died in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” Cissie urged her listeners.

Listen as Smadja speaks on Israel’s significance in God’s plan of redemption, and hear Cissie share an inspiring call to pray for Jerusalem as well as some other reasons the country has a special place in her heart

Listen to the full podcast episode.