Franklin Graham on Fox News: War on Christmas is ‘All Over the Country’

By   •   December 11, 2014

Franklin Graham went on Fox News’ Kelly File last night to talk about the country’s growing trend of taking Christ out of Christmas.

“It’s all over the country. You have the secularists and humanists who are wanting to take Jesus Christ out of His birthday and they’re wanting to deny He ever existed and take His name off everything,” Franklin Graham said.

“And that’s what’s happened. This has infiltrated now our government. Our government is now attacking Christmas. Not only attacking Christmas but the name of Christ.”

The show host Megyn Kelly cited example after example of society attacking Christmas, including a Minnesota courthouse banning red poinsettias because someone claimed it a Christian symbol and the largest school district in Maryland voting to strip religious holidays after Muslim leaders complained.

“That’s the world at which we live. I think we as Christians, not that we fight back, but that we stand up and let our voices be heard,” Franklin Graham said.

“I think it’s time that Christians write their politicians and stand up to defend their rights because if you don’t, we’ll lose them.”

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