Franklin Graham’s Message From Rome

By   •   March 29, 2023

"The New Birth: Easter From Rome With Franklin Graham” premiered nationwide and around the world in multiple languages on Easter Sunday.

In a special half-hour program on Easter Sunday, Franklin Graham reflected on Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and celebrated His victory over the grave. The program premiered on more than 70 TV stations and online in English, Spanish, and Italian and was also available online in American Sign Language.

Filmed in Rome, Italy—where Franklin Graham will hold an evangelistic outreach this fall—Graham shares the Biblical significance of this city.

Franklin Graham’s Easter Message

“Jesus was born in the Roman Empire. He ministered in the Roman Empire,” he explains. “[Rome is] a place full of religious history, but we need more than religion. We need a relationship with God, and the only way that we can have that relationship is through faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ.”

The program, called “The New Birth: Easter From Rome With Franklin Graham,” features music from Michael W. Smith, along with a choir and 46-member orchestra. It was shown nationwide, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, India, and Africa.

“When I think of resurrection, I think of freedom because I’m free,” Smith says during the Easter special. “I once was dead and now I’m alive. …

“As a songwriter, there’s nothing greater to write about because that’s what the world needs to hear.”

>>Jesus died to pay the price for our sins, freeing us from guilt and shame. He conquered death by rising again. Read more.

In the program, Franklin Graham references some of the Romans who played a part in Jesus’ life and ministry: a centurion who had full faith in Christ’s ability to heal his servant; Pilate, the Roman governor who could find no fault in Jesus; and Roman soldiers placed at Jesus’ tomb.

He also tells about Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus, a religious man who was missing something in his life.

“Have you been trusting in religion to save you?” Franklin Graham asks.

There’s only One who’s able to forgive you, rescue you from despair, give you peace, and offer you eternal life, he says. “Whatever mountain is in front of you, whatever storm you’re facing, I’m here to tell you that Jesus Christ is the answer.”

Watch a 30-second trailer:

This is the same Jesus, Franklin Graham adds, who commands the wind and waves and can calm the storms in your own life. Do you know the power of Jesus today?

“We celebrate a risen Savior,” Franklin Graham says. “He’s not dead; He’s alive.”

Do you or your loved ones need hope this Easter season? Watch this special program and invite others to watch with you.