Delivering Good News for Eagle Pass

By   •   February 29, 2024

Franklin Graham and his Spanish interpreter, BGEA evangelist David Ruiz, share the Gospel message in Eagle Pass, Texas. More than 3,000 attended the God Loves You Frontera Tour on Feb. 28.

Camilla* came with a friend to Eagle Pass, Texas, from nearby Crystal City. Both were looking for a change in their lives.

When Franklin Graham gave an invitation at the fourth stop of the God Loves You Frontera Tour to pray for forgiveness and receive salvation through Jesus Christ, the two were among the first to reach the area in front of the stage.

Tears streamed down Camilla’s face as she talked about her decision to follow Jesus.

“I guess it was the Holy Spirit,” she said. “I feel good in my heart—and in my spirit.”

Camilla has gone to church and studied the Bible, but she didn’t realize she could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“It hit me to just believe,” she said. “I’ve never heard the Gospel before so clear, so understandable.”

Reaching Both Sides of the Border

Despite the cold, windy weather, four friends walked out of the amphitheater beaming.

The group had driven across the border from Piedras Negras, Mexico, where Isabella* and Mia* had recently started going to church.

Isabella was especially touched by a story Franklin Graham told about abortion, something a close friend had done. She was moved to know that God forgives people of sin when they ask and truly repent.

Isabella and Mia both confessed their sins and prayed to follow Jesus Christ.

As the night closed, Franklin Graham shared his heart about this small town that has endured many trials.

“I love Eagle Pass,” he said before leaving. “I love the people here, and I pray God will bless this community. I pray His blessing will pour out.”

Shon and Janeene Young (left) are part of a team of Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) chaplains praying with and ministering to people at the events.

Border Ministry

Shon and Janeene Young listened Wednesday evening as Marcos Witt and Taya praised God in perhaps the most widely mentioned U.S.-Mexico border towns recently.

The couple are chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT), serving at Wednesday’s fourth stop on the God Loves You Frontera Tour with Franklin Graham.

Also border missionaries, they often pray for Border Patrol agents, immigrants, and residents on the front line of the border crisis.

“There’s a constant need to pray for the Border Patrol,” Shon said. “For the tough job and the rollercoaster of emotions they experience.”

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When agents release immigrants from detainment, the Youngs and others are there.

“We welcome them,” Shon explained, “give them a meal, and pray that they’ll find a church to get plugged into.”

“We tell them, ‘Just because you’re here doesn’t mean that suffering ends. The United States doesn’t bring peace. Only God brings you peace.’”

The couple is encouraged by the 10-city outreach the unity that has developed between hundreds of churches.

“I think it’s helping people understand that they’re not alone,” said Janeene. “We haven’t been left alone down here on the frontera with the migrant crisis.”

* Name changed for privacy

Franklin Graham—through his interpreter, BGEA evangelist David Ruiz—shares a light moment with the more than 3,000 people gathered on a chilly night at the Maverick County Amphitheater.