Crisis-Trained Chaplains Deploy to Nashville After Elementary School Shooting

By   •   March 27, 2023

Children from a private Christian school in Nashville, Tenn., hold hands as they head to a nearby church to be reunited with their families following a school shooting. (AP Photo/Jonathan Mattise)

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) is deploying to Nashville, Tennessee, after a shooting at a private Christian school.

Police say a 28-year-old woman went into The Covenant School on Monday morning and began firing. Three children and three adults died, and a police officer was injured. The suspect was also killed by police.

“As a father of four young children, my heart breaks to hear of another shooting at an elementary school. I can’t even begin to imagine what these parents must be going through,” said Josh Holland, international director of the BG-RRT. “We are sending our crisis-trained chaplains to comfort people, listen and cry with them, pray with them, and share God’s love with those who have been impacted by this horrific tragedy.”

BG-RRT is sending a Mobile Ministry Center that will be available to anyone who needs a private place to talk or pray with a chaplain.

Please pray for parents, students, school staff, and all others affected by this heartbreaking news. Pray for God’s comfort in the midst of unimaginable grief.