Chaplains Responding to More Fatal Wildfires

By   •   August 28, 2023

Over 700 structures have been destroyed by two different wildfires in Spokane, Washington. (Photo Courtesy of KTVB)

Crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are ministering in Spokane, Washington, where wildfires have ravaged two counties.

Two people have been found dead, and over 20,000 acres of land and 700 structures have been burned. The fires began on Aug. 18, and forced mass evacuations as conditions quickly became life-threatening.

Chaplains are offering emotional and spiritual support as residents begin to grapple with the aftermath of this horrific disaster.

“The devastation from these wildfires we are seeing in Spokane, Washington, is heartbreaking,” said Josh Holland, international director of the Rapid Response Team.

“We are sending our crisis-trained chaplains to local resource centers in nearby, unaffected areas, to listen, comfort and pray with residents who are hurting.”

Please pray for all those affected by these wildfires, including crews who are battling the flames. Ask God to strengthen the chaplains, as they remind the suffering that Jesus Christ offers peace, even in life’s tragic storms.