Chaplains Answering the ‘God Questions’ After Hurricane Harvey

By   •   August 28, 2017

“Though we all anticipated the impact of Harvey, there’s no way to overstate the ferocity of a storm like this.” —Jack Munday, international director of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team ministering in Texas.

With Harvey still pouring rain over Texas, it’s hard to say how great the devastation will be—or how soon before residents get a break. But one thing’s for sure—the damage is widespread and overwhelming, affecting some of the state’s most popular cities.

To put things in perspective—Houston gets an average of about 50 inches of rainfall a year. In the past two days alone, 25 inches of rain dumped on the city. With more rain expected and evacuations still taking place, anxiety has set in for many.

“People are shocked. They’re full of fear,” said Jack Munday, international director of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT). “They’re concerned whether or not they’ll have a home to move back into. In some cases, they’ve left medications behind. In some cases, they’ve had to leave pets behind.

“This is a terrible, terrible situation for people to have to live with.”

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Hoping to offer those affected some comfort, RRT chaplains arrived in Texas over the weekend to provide emotional and spiritual care. Monday, the team of crisis-trained chaplains spent time ministering to homeowners at a food and supplies distribution center in Victoria, Texas.

“So many times, people start asking the ‘God questions,'” Munday explained. “We don’t pretend to know all the answers, but we know Who does.

“When we talk to people, it makes no difference who they are or their religious background,” he continued. “They still need to know that God loves them, and that’s our mission in a time like this: to help bring them comfort.”

The ministry is assessing five other areas to send chaplains, working alongside Samaritan’s Purse. More than 250 chaplains are on standby (many of them retired military or first responders) to continue to minister once other safe areas are identified.

Munday assured his team is “in this for the long haul.”

“We’re there to provide that emotional and spiritual care, to encourage them, to support them and help them any way we can,” he said. “This is a time of incredible tragedy, and for many, this could be the darkest hour of their life.

“… You can replace the home. You can replace the furniture,” Munday added, but only God can change the heart.

As the RRT has seen while deploying in similar events, many people are in need well before tragedy strikes.

“There are a lot of lonely people. And our records would tell us that 80 percent of the people we’ve talked to following a disaster such as this already had a personal disaster in their lives,” Munday explained.

“All around us, there are people who are suffering, and it’s welcome [from those affected] to know that people care.”

Please continue to pray for those affected by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey as well as for Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains in the area.

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The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is an international ministry of crisis-trained chaplains ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to natural and man-made disasters. Since its inception in the wake of 9/11, hundreds of chaplains have had the honor of praying with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, all in the Name of Jesus.


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  1. Anne Gelinas says:

    Keep in mind God only gave intelligence to humans. He knew with His love and wisdom, we would find the answers to life. Texas is pure proof of God working through man and woman. Thank God for our special brain and the wisdom to know how to do good deeds.

  2. WENDY HEUSEL says:

    I am praying for all of you in the Houston area. May God provide for you and give you comfort at this time.

  3. Larry Burd says:

    I am a semi-retired pastor. I took the chaplain crisis training course several years ago. I am interested in talking with someone about volunteering some time in Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey counseling, etc. I have a number of questions and would like to talk to someone if possible. I appreciate your ministry very much. In Christ, Pastor Larry Burd

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Larry,

      Thank you so much. We have passed on your name and contact information to the Rapid Response Team. Someone will be in touch with you. You may also call 1-877-247-2426 to speak to someone.

  4. Dianne McPherson says:


  5. Diana Thomas Garcia says:

    I am a veteran, nine years rewarding chaplains at Mcleod Hospital. I am ready to serve at the wrath of Harvey if needed. Thank you!

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Diana,

      Thanks for letting us know. There is a process involved and here is a link for more information. Please call us at 1-877-247-2426 if you have questions.

      Billy Graham Rapid Response Team

  6. Clara says:

    My money is really non-existent, but my prayers are not limited, so I am praying for Texas and its people and I am sending special prayers for all the ones giving of their time and love to help others in need. Just want to say God bless all of you, amen.

  7. Linda Long says:

    What is the most efficient/effective way to help Houston/Louisiana?

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for asking. If you would like to help send Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains to disasters, you can donate here:


    God is caring. Nothing takes Him by surprise. RRT, be strong and courageous. We are together in prayer for the victims, God is in control. He cared for Israelites in the desert and He will do the same for you.

  9. Edna whisnant says:

    I support Samaritan’s Purse monthly and pray for Franklin Graham daily. He is doing a great work. Blessings.

  10. Allen Drummond says:

    I don’t have money to donate. I wish I did. If and when I do, this is something I feel is a worthwhile charity. I will certainly keep these people in my prayers and pray that God will lay heavy on the heart of those who have to give to the less fortunate, for it is much more blessed to give than to receive. And the Lord gives and can certainly take away. I would like to be kept informed of what your ministry is accomplishing please. Keep my family in prayer for we are going through our own tragedy, in a sense, but not as bad as these people, and I truly believe that God is working it all out for our good. And do pray that all those affected by a tragedy will see the hand of God and be drawn to Christ. God bless you.