Billy Graham Trivia: What Did Billy Graham Like to Read as a Child?

By   •   August 10, 2015

BG and sister
Billy Graham was the oldest of four children. Here, he's with his sister, Catherine.

Q: What did Billy Graham like to read as a child?

BG, Catherine and Dad
Billy Graham’s father said his son’s yelling probably gave him his booming preaching voice.

A: The Tarzan books.

Billy Graham loved to read novels for boys, especially the Tarzan books about an orphaned boy raised in the African jungle.

He would hang from trees in the yard, giving his version of the Tarzan yell, frightening the wits out of passing horses and drivers.

But making all that racket could have helped Billy Graham in the long run.

“I think that yelling helped develop his voice,” his father said later.

—From Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador