Billy Graham Among Most Admired 56th Time

By   •   January 2, 2013

For the 56th time since 1955, Billy Graham has made the USA Today/Gallup Top 10 list of Most Admired Men in the World.

Mr. Graham tied for third in this year’s voting, along with presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former President George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI. President Obama topped the list, followed by Nelson Mandela.

According to Gallup, the survey began in 1946 and simply asks Americans an open-ended question to name, without prompting, the most admired person living in any part of the world. This year’s survey took place Dec. 19-22.

The founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1950, Mr. Graham was one of three in this year’s Top 10 without ties to the U.S. government or politics.

After releasing his 30th book, Nearing Home, in October of 2011, Mr. Graham is currently working on his 32nd book, expected to be released this year.

He also has a burning passion to reach this country for Christ and is championing My Hope with Billy Graham, a nationwide outreach to be held in November 2013, in conjunction with his 95th birthday on Nov. 7.  Find out more about how to get involved with My Hope

“Only the Gospel, God’s Good News, has the power to change lives, heal hearts, and restore a nation,” Mr. Graham wrote in a recent letter. “It is my passionate, heartfelt desire to see God change hearts and lives in every community in America, and I pray He will stir the same desire in you.”

Mr. Graham, who has proclaimed the Gospel in 185 countries to nearly 215 million people, stands alone in number of years in Gallup’s Top 10.  Second to his 56 years is Ronald Reagan (31 times), Pope John Paul II (27 times) and former President Jimmy Carter (27 times).  

Most Top 10 Finishes for Most Admired Man

1. Billy Graham (56)

2. Ronald Reagan (31)

3. Pope John Paul II (27)

4. Jimmy Carter (27)

5. Dwight Eisenhower (21)

6. Richard Nixon (21)

7. Bill Clinton (21)

8. Harry Truman (20)

9. Nelson Mandela (20)

10. George H.W. Bush (20)

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  1. Ludovic says:

    Mr Graham is so inspiring through his messages.he is the only man of God I know who keeps a steady faith. By this time we need you more than ever before.May God bless until the end of your days.

  2. bobby says:

    billy graham is difinetly the most important person in the world..he continues bringing thousands of people to christ

  3. Prakash says:

    Mr.Graham is 1 of the mighty man of God who served the people by the will of God Jesus.He is very precious to the world bcoz the people of the world heard the good news through him in different parts of the world.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have loved his preaching my whole life… In a documentary he was asked how did he never cheat on his wife and he said he would not allow that take place… He would even make sure his office door was kept open when his secretary was in with there

  5. wilson says:

    i ve just bought NEARING HOME, and its good news to know that he is the most admired man anywhere in the world. great read. God bless him.

  6. matthew says:

    i,ve watched my mom and dad watched dr billy graham ministries on television time and time again ,both being tremendously inspired by the many crusades approaching 44 yrs myself and i stil highly repect this giant of a preacher.heaven sent.

  7. Hui says:

    A great humble man of God. Worthy of such an honor.Franklin, stay strong for the Lord.from China

  8. Cathay says:

    Such a great role model of faith and perseverance. A real man of God whom I admire. God Bless and keep you until you are in His arms.

  9. Dave says:

    Psalm 1:1-3