5 Back to School Answers from Billy Graham

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Worried about a child headed off to school? These timeless answers from Billy Graham offer hope and guidance from the Bible.

It’s that time again. Students around the nation are returning to classrooms and campuses in pursuit of knowledge and truth.

For those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ, school may prove to be one of the biggest battle grounds for their faith. From curriculum to teachers and peers—ideals that challenge the Bible are all around, as well as countless temptations that offer enticing outlets to the stresses of school.

Whether a parent, grandparent, educator or friend—you play a vital role in helping students you know grow in their relationship with God during this stage of their lives.

These 5 answers from Billy Graham offer guidance and encouragement to share this school year and beyond.

When should I start talking to my child about God?
>> Read and share Billy Graham’s answer.

What should I do when teachers or peers attack my faith?
>> Read and share Billy Graham’s answer.

Am I making a mistake going to a large public school where Christianity is ridiculed? 
>> Read and share Billy Graham’s answer.

How do I avoid temptations at school?
>> Read and share Billy Graham’s answer.

Our son came home from college and doesn’t believe in God anymore. What should we do?
>> Read and share Billy Graham’s answer.

Are you sure of your salvation? You can be today.

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  1. Francis J. Viebrock says:

    You provide so much in this devotional. Thank you for all the encouragement and Bible references for me to share this week.

  2. Rhonda Ann says:

    Thank you for the encouraging information. My 14-year-old grandson recently moved in with us and we need all the help we can get!

  3. Ruth E Baron says:

    Amen to all of these!

  4. Joan Johnson says:

    The strength of the church is in the children! Investing in their future is essential. Speak truth, bring life!

  5. Anthony Mavis says:

    This is very good.