Will Graham in Broken Hill, Australia

By   •   May 12, 2014

Making a point to the crowd assembled in Broken Hill.
Reaching out to skateboarders, some of whom came to the Reality 2014 event.
The crowd responding to an invitation from Will Graham in Broken Hill.
Praying before the Will Graham Reality 2014 event in Australia.
Many said prayers to start a new life with Jesus Christ.
A counselor explaining what it means to be a Christian.
Coming forward after Will Graham's invitation to accept Jesus.
Delivering the Good News in Broken Hill.
Pastor John Curtis of Broken Hill Church of Christ in Australia talks with Will Graham during the Reality 2014 weekend.
Catherine Sharpe shares her testimony at the Will Graham Reality 2014 event in Broken Hill, Australia, sharing how God turned her life around and restored her marriage.
Using drama to communicate the Gospel message.
The Compliments were one of the worship bands to play at Reality 2014.
Will Graham explaining what it means to be a child of God.
God moved in a mighty way to reach the city of Broken Hill and unify the church base.