Will Graham Encourages Canadians to Turn to Christ During Quinte Celebration

By   •   October 6, 2019

Will Graham shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with Canadians in Belleville, Ontario, during the Quinte Celebration of Hope. The three-day event kicked off with KidzFest on October 4, and continued with worship and a Gospel message throughout the weekend.
More than 2,000 people came to hear Will Graham's message on Saturday, October 5, along with worship from music artists Brooke Nicholls, The Color and The Afters.
It's impossible for an event like this to occur without prayer. Local church leaders prepared for this event for over two years, with 500-plus prayer warriors asking for God's hand to be on the Celebration.
The firstfruits began on Friday evening during KidzFest, as 150 children and youth made decisions for Christ, and hundreds of families heard the Gospel.
After KidzFest, children enjoyed a carnival inside the CAA Arena. Will Graham would later say on Saturday, "You guys have the best place to preach in—hockey arenas!"
"Belleville, He is worthy of our praise tonight, isn't He?" Brooke Nicholls asked the crowd. Although Nicholls is known as the 2019 GMA Canada Female Vocalist of the Year, the Ontario-based worship singer and songwriter started out the evening with a beautiful, humble attribution—giving all glory to God.
Lead singer Jordan Janzen from The Color shared a heart-wrenching story of how he and his wife tried to have a baby for four years before getting pregnant. "It was really hard," Janzen said, adding that he constantly had to talk about God's goodness and character onstage in that season. But, "God reminded us of His presence," Janzen declared. Today, he's still singing God's praises—and he and his wife have a little girl.
Several kids tightly gripped the stage, taking in the time of worship.
The Afters, an American Christian pop rock band, bounced around the stage before joining the audience. "This might be the best crowd of the whole year," lead vocalist Josh Havens said.
Phone lights shone brightly in the darkness of the arena as The Afters sang "Light Up the Sky," encouraging believers to be a light for Christ.
It’s been 11 years since Will Graham preached in the Quinte Region. However, Graham said this visit included his first time tasting a remarkable local ice cream shop. "I just love coming to Canada," Graham said. "Especially with Reid’s Dairy here."
Situated between Montreal and Toronto and along the Bay of Quinte, the city of Belleville is a common location for recreational activities and vacationers.
"Everything you're looking for in life is found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ," Will Graham said after reading the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. "God’s arms are open wide," Graham continued, adding that the Lord is just waiting for His children to return to Him. >> Are you running from God? Start a relationship with Him today.
While 50,000 people call the city of Belleville home, Will Graham shared that those who came forward have a new home in God's kingdom.
Praise God for those who surrendered their lives to Christ during the first two nights of the Quinte Celebration of Hope. Please pray for revival to spark across North America through the Celebration.