This Weekend: Will Graham Returns to Arctic Canada to Share the Gospel

By Ron Nickel   •   October 25, 2019

This weekend, Will Graham is taking the Good News to a remote area in Nunavut, Canada. The Baker Lake Celebration of Hope runs October 26-27 and consists of live music from Christian artists and a Gospel presentation.
Graham regularly visits Canada to hold Celebrations. Here, he stands at a monument signifying the geographic center of Canada. While flying to the area, he also made a pit stop in Churchill, Manitoba—the home of the polar bears.
Ninavut's only inland town, Baker Lake is situated along a large lake about 25 miles from the center of Canada.
With extreme temperatures, playing hockey on icy streets is one way students can warm up in the frosty outdoors.
Just last month, Graham was in Ontario, Canada, for the Quinte Celebration, where hundreds responded to the Good News. "Everything you're looking for in life is found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ," he told the crowd.
The high suicide rate is a concern for Christians in the isolated Inuit community. “The research says when people commit suicide, they feel they have nothing to live for; they are desperate and see no reason to go on,” said Bonita Power, a church member who's prayed for eight months about the upcoming Gospel event. “The Celebration of Hope will let people know there is a reason to go on, and that is because they are loved by Jesus Christ.” >> Have you experienced the love of Jesus? Know Him today.
There's excitement in the air for what's to come and how God will move in the area. The mining town is home to 2,000-plus people that make up a small and friendly community.
Since 2006, Graham has been taking the Good News to Canada. A lover of the rugged outdoors, the country holds a special place in his heart.
Snow may seem like an obstacle to some, but for these Canadians, it's a way of life. The highest temperature during the two-day Celebration is expected to be 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
Baker Lake's three churches—Anglican, Roman Catholic and Glad Tidings—have been gathering in prayer ahead of the Celebration.
Please join us in praying that many will surrender their lives to Christ during the Celebration in Baker Lake, Nunavut.