Tens of Thousands Hear Gospel on Day 1 of Historic Myanmar Festival

By Ron Nickel   •   November 18, 2016

Young men in Christian shirts
More than 400 churches have united to pray and help spread the word about the Love Joy Peace Festival, which kicked off on Friday in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city.
Crowd arriving
The crowd poured into the Myanmar Convention Center to hear the Gospel preached by Franklin Graham.
Franklin Graham taking photo
Franklin Graham strikes a pose with two young ladies excited to attend the Festival.
People at Buddhist temple
Buddhism is the primary religion practiced in Myanmar, also known as Burma.
Woman listening
"Pray that people will put their trust in Jesus Christ," Franklin Graham said before the start of Friday's event.
Crowd dancing
Like other Franklin Graham Festivals, the night started with music and worship.
Festival crowd
More than 46,000 people attended day one of the Love Joy Peace Festival. By the end of night, more than 2,500 had responded to the invitation to accept Christ.
boy looks into camera
A curious little guy at the Festival.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham on stage with his interpreter, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
woman performing
The night included various entertainment, all giving glory to God.
young girls in crowd
Young people were enthusiastic and attentive.
Woman with little boy
Dancing and singing along.
Woman touches heart
Touched by God's presence.
Franklin Graham with book
Franklin Graham gives instructions to the crowd that just responded to the invitation to accept Christ. Each person receives a small book with resources about what it means to follow Christ.
Group with counselor
Grabbing a spot where they can to have the Christian faith explained even further.
crowd in auditorium
An overflow area filled to capacity.
woman counseling
Local volunteers were trained and equipped to clearly share their faith and counsel those who walked forward at the Festival.
Young men being counseled
Burmese Christians have faced numerous obstacles over the years, making the Love Joy Peace Festival an historic event in terms of its size and the way it has mobilized the local church.
Man praying
Taking a moment to pray.
Young lady crying
For many, it was an emotional night. Join in praying that more hearts will be touched as the event continues Saturday. Also pray that those who made a decision for Christ on Friday will be connected with other believers and continue to grow spiritually.