Students Give Up Summer Saturday to Gain Faith-Sharing Tools

By Thomas Petrino   •   August 7, 2021

On a sunny Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina, more than 100 middle and high school students from the area met up at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA) headquarters to learn how to be bold witnesses for Christ.
The day-long event, titled “Resolve,” featured multiple sessions of teaching, music and break-out sessions—all designed to help the young attendees stay strong in the faith.
Event speaker, Nick Hall, founded Pulse, an evangelistic ministry that brings the hope of Jesus to the next generation. He considers Billy Graham a role model.
Worship leaders from Vizion Church led songs, which were upbeat at first and then became more reverent.
“You crown me with confidence,” sang the students.
“Do you know Jesus? Because if you know Jesus it should change everything.” —Nick Hall
Many took notes as Hall pulled lessons from the Biblical character of Daniel, who resolved not to defile himself despite temptation. The speaker urged students to resolve to stand firm in their faith.
Students packed BGEA’s dining hall, which was decked out with bright colors, sparkling lights and candy for the youth evangelism event.
Following a teen-approved breakfast of chicken and biscuits, the students got to know each other with icebreaker games.
After a summer of camp, vacation and other travels, Saturday gave students an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.
During a time of prayer, the room filled with lifted hands that acknowledged God’s presence in the room.
Even before keynote speaker Nick Hall spoke, he led by example during the time of praise and surrender.
One worship leader urged students to hand over whatever trials they’re facing to their heavenly Father.
Students were challenged to ask themselves three questions: Who in your life needs Jesus? What are you going to do about it? Who is going to go with you?
After a powerful morning at BGEA headquarters, groups had a chance to tour the Billy Graham Library and see how God used a kid who grew up in North Carolina—just like many of them—to further His kingdom.
As these students head back to school, please pray they remember the lessons they learned at this event and have the courage to be bold witnesses for Christ.