Sharing Hope in Wake of Deadly Storms in Ohio, Ind.

By BGEA   •   March 28, 2024

Indiana: As volunteers work to clear debris in Winchester, Indiana, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) chaplains speak with those impacted by the storm—offering emotional and spiritual support as they begin to grapple with the immense damage around them. Chaplains also deployed to Ohio after a terrible EF-3 tornado ripped through the Midwest on March 14.
Ohio: “I could best describe it as a bomb going off,” said a sheriff in Logan County as he described the destruction from the tornado. The storm generated 136 mile-per-hour winds in some areas, leaving behind “unbelievable damage.”
Indiana: Chaplains provide a ministry of prayer and presence—offering a caring embrace and listening ear. Simply being with people in the midst of devastation can be a tremendous comfort in dark times.
Ohio: Communities in Logan County—one of the hardest-hit regions—are mourning the loss of three people who were killed in the storm Crisis-trained Billy Graham chaplains are reminding the hurting about the peace only God can give—peace that’s available even in the most tumultuous times.
Indiana: At least 30 people were injured in the powerful winds that blew through Winchester—a village about 85 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Over 100 homes in the area were completely flattened.
Ohio: Billy Graham once said, “No matter how dark and hopeless a situation might seem, never stop praying.” Prayer is a major part of the ministry of Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains.
Ohio: BG-RRT members provide Bibles and devotional booklets—so grieving people can continue learning more about God and how they can personally know Him.
Ohio: As residents begin to pick up the pieces after the devastating tornado, pray that many will discover the abundant life that God offers through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.