Rapid Response Team Ministers After Devastating Texas Tornado

By Logan Ryan   •   June 21, 2023

Billy Graham chaplains are in Perryton, Texas, sharing the hope of Jesus Christ after an EF-3 tornado killed three people and left a trail of shattered buildings. Here, a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) chaplain embraces a local in Perryton after providing emotional and spiritual encouragement.
Chaplains stand near piles of rubble, surveying the immense damage.
It’s crucial to take burdens to the Lord in prayer, especially in the midst of disaster when people are feeling overwhelmed and helpless.
After a chaplain shared the Steps to Peace with God, a Spanish Bible was given to this man in his native language so he can read more about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Buildings were left in shambles after a severe storm swept through Thursday night, producing deadly tornadoes.
A girl receives a Billy Graham Training Center Bible to help her grow in her faith.
Chaplains pray with a family affected by the tornado. Please keep all those impacted by the storm in your prayers as they face a long road ahead.
Shattered windows and other damage to cars show the destructive power of the recent tornado.
When people experience tragedy, it can be helpful just to know someone cares. Chaplains pray for families walking through a traumatic event and offer to listen as people share their stories and concerns.