Peterhead Worships: Day 4 of Will Graham’s Scotland Celebration

By   •   October 8, 2016

Saturday, Oct. 8, was Will Graham's fourth night preaching in the small fishing town of Peterhead, Scotland, during the five-day North East Scotland Celebration of Hope. He preached at Peterhead Academy, a local school, with three satellite venues nearby.
Will Graham reading Bible
Will Graham drew from the story of Hannah in the Bible as he talked about broken dreams and how life doesn't always go the way we like.
Lines formed outside the venue each night, with hundreds more watching live online around the world.
man counseling boy, sitting down
Will asked the crowd if they know where they're spending eternity. "If not, that's why we're here!" he said.
Man with arm raised, singing
Excitement for the Celebration has been building for weeks, with seemingly everyone in town abuzz about it. The five-day event wraps up on Sunday, Oct. 9, but many local Christians say they're praying this is only the start of a revival in their community and country.
Choir singing
A choir of local men and women led the audience in songs like "How Great Thou Art." Even those seated in an overflow area and watching on a big screen sang loud and clear, filling the venue with worship.
Two men talking, one holding Bible
From one man to another, counseling someone who came forward to respond to the Gospel Saturday night.
Teen girl with arms lifted, facing band
Caught in a moment of worship.
The group Ranan led people of all ages in worship and took time for heartfelt prayer in between, reminding the audience that it's not about reading words on a screen but about worshiping a mighty God.
"Maybe you feel like God's given you a raw deal in life," Will said, but added that even in our pain, confusion and hardship, God has a plan for us. He reassured the crowd that God knows all about the obstacles in their lives, and He wants to help them through.
Little girl sitting next to dad
The night before was set aside for youth, but there was still a good number of young people at Saturday's event.
Woman in back of crowd, arm raised, singing
"God's bigger than all your problems in life," Will Graham told the crowd Saturday.
woman stands near girl holding packet of materials
A counselor shares what it means to have Jesus in your life and offers a couple of short follow-up booklets.
Band performing onstage
A house band sang some audience favorites, including "Your Great Name" and "Forever."
Many arms raised in worship
Seeing hands lifted in praise never gets old.
Four people praying in circle
A group prayer to end the night. The Celebration continues Sunday.