New Book by Anne Graham Lotz, Daughter on Igniting Faith in Future Generations

By Rebekah Anne Petrino   •   October 5, 2021

Ahead of the "Jesus Followers" book release, Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright held a book signing at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 2.
To kick off the event, Rachel-Ruth Wright and her mom shared
 with the crowd their burden and vision for writing this book. Using the metaphor of a relay race, they want to pass on the baton of faith to future generations.
Anne Graham Lotz said the Lord pointed her to write from Genesis chapter 5, which follows the genealogy of men who passed on their faith for generations to come.
Dozens attended the book signing and many guests told the mother-daughter duo how their ministry has helped them through various phases of their lives. Some shared stories of heartache and how Anne Graham Lotz's transparency through life's most challenging moments—cancer, grief, loss—inspired them to lean into God.
Rachel-Ruth Wright talked about how the realities and challenges of raising three children in the world today has given her a desire to capture her family's faith legacy—and welcomed those who read "Jesus Followers" to do the same. Wright contributed to the book by sharing family stories to encourage, inspire and motivate Christians to pursue hard after Jesus and make mini-disciples for Him.
Entire families showed up to the event—ready to make a difference for Jesus with those who are in their everyday lives. "What a privilege we have as parents and grandparents to lead our children to faith," said Anne Graham Lotz. Do you have a faith to share? Get to know God now.
Anne Graham Lotz took time to pray with a woman who came forward with a prayer request.
Readers were also able to meet Rose Adams, a longtime friend of the Graham family. Adams was the caregiver for Billy Graham’s mother, Morrow Coffey Graham, and is known for her storytelling and sweet demeanor while serving as a volunteer at the Billy Graham Library.
Taking to heart the importance of family shared in their book, Rachel-Ruth Wright invited her sister, Morrow Reitmeier, and youngest daughter, Riggin, to the event.
During the signing, visitors bought nearly 300 copies of "Jesus Followers" from Ruth's Attic, a bookstore inside the Billy Graham Library. Order your copy here.
“I think that’s the key to passing [your faith] on, is you have to be authentic for yourself. Your love for Jesus has to be genuine—and that flows out to your kids,” Rachel-Ruth Wright said. Will you be a Jesus follower who saves future generations?