KidzFest at the Central Mississippi Will Graham Celebration

By   •   March 29, 2014

KidzFest at the Central Mississippi Will Graham Celebration took place March 29 and brought hundreds of kids together to sing, dance and hear the Gospel.
A choir of nearly 500 kids was made up of children from all over central Mississippi.
Dancing to the music
Watching the awesome and energetic band, Go Fish
The Greatest Journey Live
For the first time ever, KidzFest brought children's program The Greatest Journey to life with young actors.
watching KidzFest
Many children left their spots in the bleachers to get a front row seat.
Dancing along with Go Fish
Some smiling KidzFest kids
Surprise! Streamers exploded into the air, catching some of the kids off guard before they went running to catch them.
Two buddies enjoying KidzFest together
girl with teddy bear
This little girl clutched her teddy bear as she watched KidzFest from right in front of the stage.
Go Fish
Go Fish is a talented musical act that shares Jesus with kids...without using music that "drives their parents crazy." Both kids and adults were rocking out to their tunes.
watching KidzFest
The music and acting had these little ones' undivided attention.
One of the youngest KidzFest guests
Will Graham
Will Graham preaching the Gospel message to the kids
Will Graham praying
Will Graham leading the children in prayer
After Will Graham preached a kid-friendly Gospel message, children flooded the front stage area to make decisions for Christ.
A local adult counselor talks about the Gospel with a student.
A counselor explains the Gospel to a girl who came forward during the invitation to accept Jesus.
woman and girl
Many children came forward when Will Graham asked them if they wanted to accept Jesus for the first time.
A boy talks with a local counselor after coming forward during the invitation.
A counselor prays with a mom and her daughters.
Before every Crusade event, the BGEA holds training sessions for counselors, so they'll be prepared to talk and pray with children and adults who accept Christ.
praying together
A counselor prays with a girl and her grandmother after the girl came forward during the invitation to accept Christ.
A group prays together following the invitation to accept Christ.