Joy of Christ Ignited at Franklin Graham Festival in Milan

By   •   October 30, 2022

With help from an interpreter, Franklin Graham shared the Gospel in both English and Italian during the Noi Festival in Milan.
The word "noi" translates to "we" in Italian, bringing the idea of unity to the Festival name. More than 500 churches came together to help make the Festival happen after the pandemic led to an extended period of uncertainty.
Dozens of buses brought people to the Festival at Milan's Mediolanum Forum, an indoor sports arena.
Families, friends, and neighbors came to the event together, and you could feel the energy and excitement inside the arena.
Franklin Graham shared with the audience the story of Nicodemus, a religious leader who asked Jesus how to get into Heaven (John 3:1–15). Jesus answered that he must be born again, meaning a spiritual rebirth that starts with a change on the inside. Read more about what it means to be born again.
Lake Como is about an hourlong drive outside of Milan, a city known for fashion and design. Yet over time, trends change and fade away. Franklin Graham's message on Saturday was about God's love that never changes and a relationship with Christ that lasts for eternity.
More than 13,000 people attended the one-day Festival, filling the venue to capacity. Local church leaders said there's never been an evangelistic event of this scale in northern Italy. The crowd was a testament to the great desire for something—or Someone—to put their hope in.
Some in the Festival crowd commented that the presence of God was evident in the arena. Read how Italians described this unprecedented event and responded to the Gospel message.
Australian singer TAYA, formerly of Hillsong, led the crowd in worship. Between songs she read Proverbs 3:5–6: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths" (ESV).
Over 600 people decided Saturday night to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and live for Him. Each person who made that decision prayed with a trained counselor, received spiritual growth materials to take home, and will be connected to a local church where they can grow in their new faith.
Josh Havens from the band The Afters joined the crowd during a song. "I believe that this city will never be the same," he said after hundreds decided to give their lives to Jesus Christ. "God is at work in Milan."
Thirty-six percent of those who made decisions for Christ on Saturday were between ages 10 and 25.
A moment of peaceful worship.
Franklin Graham applauded the hundreds who came forward at the end of the night to accept Christ as Lord. He acknowledged that this is the greatest decision a person can make.
Guitarist Dennis Agajanian always gets the crowd on their feet with his fast strumming and rich notes enveloping the arena.
Friends hold up an Italian flag with the words "Dio è vivo" (God is alive) written across the middle. Will you pray for all who attended the Festival on Saturday? Pray that Christians will be emboldened to share their faith with many more and that new believers will grow in their love for Christ each day.
Famous attractions in Milan include the Duomo di Milano (above), as well as Leonardo da Vinci's mural "The Last Supper," housed inside Santa Maria delle Grazie church. During the Last Supper, recorded in the Bible, Jesus told His followers to remember what He was about to do: die on the cross to pay the sins of mankind. Are your sins forgiven today? They can be. Begin your journey with Jesus Christ.