‘God’s Not Dead. He’s Alive in Liverpool’

By   •   May 14, 2022

crowd with Franklin Graham
On May 14 in Liverpool, individuals from around the U.K. gathered with one purpose: to hear about God’s Love. Thousands filled the arena—and God brought hundreds to Himself.
girl holding hand up singing
Attendees of all ages and multiple races and languages sang side-by-side—and some couldn’t keep from dancing.
“We have a vacuum, an emptiness in each of our souls that only God can fill,” and running doesn’t fix it, Franklin Graham shared. “You see God made us. God created us. Did you know that God has a plan and a purpose for your life?” Are you ready to stop running? Let God fill your heart.
people entering auditorium
A port-city on the western side of the island, the vibrant city Liverpool is famous for being the home of The Beatles, as well as their dedication the Premier League soccer team, Liverpool FC. >>See more photos of the city—and how one group of people decided to cover the event in prayer.
attendees getting off bus
English men and women traveled from around the country to attend the Saturday night event—like Gerald Thompson who bussed in with his church from Chester. He had worked Billy Graham’s first-ever U.K. event in London as a young man in 1954, and was quite pleased to able to see the evangelist’s son preach as well.
Dennis Agajanian on guitar
Attendees tapped their feet to the fast-picking of Dennis Agajanian. The crowd got to hear, in Agajanian’s words, some “classic” guitar playing for a “classic” country—a compilation of Beethoven and Mozart.
woman praising Jesus
When the music started, Caroline Atwood (not pictured) quickly moved into the aisle, and stood, arms raised high. “I’m overwhelmed just being here,” she said. Years ago as an alcoholic, she had one prayer, “Jesus, if you’re real, help me to stop.” He did—and she praised Him for it.
volunteer smiling
Every event has army of volunteers, smiling as they greet and point people in the right direction. Many take a Christian Life and Witness class that helps them share the Gospel with those who don’t know Jesus.
women signing
Those whose heart language isn't English still were able to listen to Franklin Graham’s message as it was translated into four different languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi and Sign Language.
Michael Tait singing
“We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. We believe our God is not dead,” Michael Tait, lead singer of the Newsboys, declared from the stage.
Franklin Graham with Newsboys
The Newsboys have traveled all over the world with Franklin Graham, most recent being the Route 66 Tour in the fall of 2021. They brought the crowd to their feet in Wales with their praise songs.
children meeting
These youngsters found a friend at the event.
"There's joy in the house of the Lord," the crowd sang as Tommy Commes lead them in “House of the Lord,” one of many songs on the setlist.
Franklin Graham speaking
Franklin Graham’s message drew from Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. In the story, a man takes his father’s inheritance and leaves home—only to hit rock bottom. But his father welcomes him home with open arms. “The son was filthy, he was dirty. And the father covered that filthy dirt with his robe,” Franklin Graham said. “When you come to the Father in Heaven, when you come to Him through Jesus Christ, He sees the blood of Jesus Christ and cleanses you from all of your sins.”
children praising Jesus
Franklin Graham's message touched even the youngest in the crowd. One 6-year-old (not pictured) decided to commit his life to Christ because, “I love Jesus and I want to live for him,” he explained, smiling shyly. His parents, both from India, are the only Christians in each of their families—and they were overjoyed that their son had so gladly chosen to love Jesus, too.
couple counsling
As hundreds of people decided to let Jesus become Lord of their lives, the Tommy Coomes Band band played the age-old hymn, “Just as I Am.” Throughout the years, that song concluded many of Billy Graham’s Crusades—including his 1984 Crusade in the same city.
“He’s taken your sins, and he’s hit the delete button,” Franklin Graham explained to hundreds who had just made the most important decision of their lives—to follow Jesus.
two individuals counseling
Every person who said "yes" to Jesus was given a blue pamphlet complete with the book of John from the Bible—and challenged to plug into a local church.
couple smiling
We thank God for opening hearts and minds to the truth of Christ in Liverpool.