Tbilisi Festival of Hope Gallery

By   •   June 6, 2014

Franklin Graham asked anyone who wanted to commit their life to Christ at the Tbilisi Festival of Hope to raise their hands. Hundreds accepted the invitation.
Finding just the right angle to capture the nationwide event.
The orchestra complemented the 500-member choir in tight quarters.
Franklin Graham talks about the Bible and how he believes it's true cover to cover.
Praising God during the worship time.
Dennis Agajanian, known by some as the "Armenian Cowboy" because of his descent, played his usual fast-picking acoustic guitar.
Huntley Brown, a virtuoso pianist from Jamaica, helped get things started by playing for the choir.
Cramming elbow-to-elbow to witness the Festival of Hope first hand in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Franklin Graham shares the Good News while some get a bird's-eye view out the window.
Michael W. Smith played a short set with the Tommy Coomes Band on Friday.
Listening to the message of hope from Franklin Graham.
Violinist Sergei Popov of Finland brought a flair that excited the crowd.
Tommy Coomes and John Barber sing "My Hope is in the Lord," including a verse sung in the native language.
Raising their hands for new life in Christ.
A 500-member statewide choir shuffled into one side of the courtyard, marking the largest evangelical choir ever assembled.
Listening to the message of hope in Russian through headsets.