Final Night of Will Graham’s Arizona Celebration Unites Region for Christ

By   •   March 14, 2016

Will Graham talked about loneliness during the final night of the Colorado River Celebration in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. “Maybe you’re dealing with emptiness," he said. "My friends, all that can change tonight. That’s why we’re here."
Woman with arms raised
Lost in worship on the last night of the three-day Celebration.
A colorful sunset as the backdrop for the Celebration.
Woman leaning forward on rail
Listening closely as Jason Lovins and later Aaron Shust led the audience in one worship song after another.
Jason Lovins onstage
Jason Lovins took time to share the story of his mother and how his grandmother's faith got them through the aftermath of a rape. That incident ultimately led to Jason's birth.
Man sitting in bleachers
"Whoever has ears, let them hear." —Matthew 11:15
Crowd worshiping
Arms open wide and lifted high in praise.
Woman counseling girl
There's no generation barrier when it comes to being united in Christ.
"Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it," Aaron Shust sang. Hundreds in the audience joined him in "Come Thou Fount."
A counselor writing down contact information for a man who came to the front to talk about Jesus.
Jason Lovins brought a country flair to some of the most beloved hymns.
Baby girl in stroller
One of the youngest audience members.
"I want you to know one thing. You are handmade by God," Will Graham told over 1,600 people at the rodeo grounds.
Woman with arms raised in front of stage
It was a worshipful night for many in the crowd.
Sandy Bender, a chaplain coordinator with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, counseled a woman who came forward to rededicate her life to Jesus.
Aaron Shust onstage
Hundreds in the audience happily sang along to worship songs led by Aaron Shust.
Man and woman holding hands
Worshiping together, hand in hand.
Will Graham at podium
Will Graham talked candidly with locals, sharing several life stories and relating to the audience.
A woman bonding with her counselor, who will follow up with her in days to come.