Faroe Islands Festival Makes Eternal Impact

By Ron Nickel   •   June 21, 2015

The Faroe Islands has a population of about 49,000. Though many identify as being evangelical Christian, local church leaders say there is still a need for the Gospel message to be heard.
Franklin Graham preached the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. "God knows everything about you. God loves you," he told the crowd.
Michael W. Smith led the crowd in worship before Franklin Graham took the stage.
Spirited worship.
Before leaving the stage, Franklin Graham smiled at those who walked forward and said, "I'll see you in heaven."
Torshavn, Faroe Islands, is located north of Scotland, halfway between Norway and Iceland.
A billboard on the outskirts of a Torshavn neighborhood.
Because of limited space, Sunday's Festival was split into a morning and evening event. This overflow seating was needed both times.
Franklin Graham shared parts of his own story and how he can relate to the parable of the Prodigal Son.
Many were touched by the message.
After Franklin Graham's message, Thousand Foot Krutch ended the night with a high energy performance.
Forty-five churches from various denominations came together to help organize the Midsummer Festival.