Faces of the God Loves You Tour

By Ron Nickel, TJ Petrino, and Logan Ryan   •   October 3, 2022

More than 50,000 people heard the Gospel on the recent God Loves You Tour with Franklin Graham, which covered five states, six cities, and stretched over 1,100 miles.
Franklin Graham fist bumps Newsboys’ drummer before sharing God’s message of salvation for all who come to His Son in repentance and faith. Tour stops included Allentown, Pennsylvania; York, Pennsylvania; Youngstown, Ohio; Flint, Michigan; Waukesha, Wisconsin; and Rochester, Minnesota.
Over 2,000 people made decisions for Christ and received discipleship materials to help them grow in their faith. Here, a young man in Rochester was thrilled to also receive his very own Bible.
Michael Tait of Newsboys (left) and Latin artist Marcos Witt (right) led the crowd in worship in English and Spanish in Allentown and several other stops.
More than 50% of Allentown, Pennsylvania,—the tour's first stop—are Spanish speakers. Franklin Graham's message was interpreted for them live at the venue through headphones.
These chilly prayer volunteers snuggle under a blanket before the Youngstown event, where temperatures dropped to around 50 degrees after the sun went down.
The move of the Holy Spirit brought many to tears, including this young woman.
This pooch got plenty of attention at the final tour stop as his owners took in the tour in Rochester.
A prayer volunteer talks with a World War II veteran in Rochester, Minn.
A big hug as these women stand in response to Franklin Graham's invitation to find peace with God through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.
The God Loves You Tour wouldn't be possible without volunteers from local churches.
This young man brought along a guitar to play before the musicians took the stage.
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes." —Romans 1:16a, ESV
It's never too late to secure your eternity with God. This woman stood up in response to the Gospel message, responding to an invitation to follow Jesus Christ. She was also given Living in Christ, a personal Bible study for new Christians based on four lessons from the gospel of John in the Bible.
This couple volunteered to be prayer counselors for Spanish speakers, and many others did the same for the other stops.
“Worship in the truest sense takes place only when our full attention is on God—on His glory, power, majesty, love, and compassion.” —Billy Graham
“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”—Matthew 19:14, ESV
As he sings and prepares hearts for the Gospel message, Dennis Agajanian's smile is contagious.
Will you pray for the people who made decisions for Christ through the God Loves You Tour? Ask God to connect them with a Bible-based church and be discipled, encouraged, and to grow in their faith.