Enthusiasm for Jesus Dominates Tokyo Franklin Graham Celebration

By   •   November 21, 2015

Day two of Tokyo's Celebration of Love was a two-parter, with one event in the morning and another in the evening. During the evening event, children and teens rushed in front of the stage for a colorful, high-energy dance that the crowd loved.
"There is no hope for Japan ... outside of the person of Jesus Christ," Franklin Graham said earlier in the week.
Hillsong Worship was an audience favorite. In no time, the crowd was out of their seats singing and clap along.
Sharing a time of praise.
Reading the screen beside the stage as Scripture is displayed in Japanese.
Swedish singer Lena Maria Klingvall was born with no arms. She sang "How Great Thou Art" in both Japanese in English and shared what Jesus has meant to her life. "He gives me strength when I feel weak. ... And He is always with me by my side," she said. "If we understood how big God is, our problems would be much smaller."
A couple stuck together as they stood in front of the stage. They came forward with others who were making decisions for Christ.
Responding to Franklin Graham's invitation to ask Jesus into your life.
It's always comforting to have someone around who cares when you make a big decision in life.
Caught up in the moment.
Voices from New Wings Gospel rang out to every corner of the Budokan arena.
Many who came to the front at Franklin Graham's invitation weren't coming alone. Lots of people came with friends, parents, children and spouses—a big deal in a country where most people don't want to stick out or go against the norm.
Michael W. Smith performed Friday and was scheduled to lead worship again Saturday, but with his father ill, he headed back home to the U.S. early. He spoke to the audience via a short video, saying he has an incredible band who would lead in his place. Stu G, founder of Delirious, led powerful worship.
This mother came forward with a drowsy baby to speak to a counselor about Jesus Christ.
The joy on this woman's face radiated from her seat in the front row as she enjoyed a morning of worship songs. She later responded to Franklin's invitation and made her way up front with dozens of others.
This brother and sister came forward together and spoke to a counselor who explained how to have Jesus in their lives.
A calm smile following one woman's decision to make her way forward.
This little one brought lots of smiles with her animated expressions and shiny pom-poms.
Three others joined Lena Maria in an upbeat a cappella song.
The Tommy Coomes Band sang a song called "My Hope," getting loud applause when they began singing in Japanese.
Several women filled the stage for a graceful interpretive dance.
When Franklin arrived in Japan this week, he told his team he's confident God can use the Celebration in a big way: "Japan is one of the hardest countries in the world to penetrate. It's less than 1 percent believers here. But is it impossible? No."
A Japanese Gospel choir singing popular hymns.
Holding back emotions as a counselor prays.