Decision America Tour: Photos from Texas

By   •   April 26, 2016

An estimated 8,100 people joined Franklin Graham on Tuesday in Austin, Texas, to pray and ask God to heal the nation.
Passionate about sharing their love for Christ.
Joining hands to pray for the nation.
Homemade, heartfelt signs like these were held up all across the South Capitol lawn.
Standing up for God and country.
Embracing during Tuesday's prayer rally. One lady in attendance named Sandy Lapuyade said, "Whatever we came here for, whatever God gives us when we get here, we’re supposed to receive it and pray about it and take it back to those who need the message so we can stand together in one accord for this country. That way we can be on fire for Jesus."
Among the 8,100 in attendance were Glenda and Bob Spaeth. They have attended four Billy Graham Crusades, one in Pennsylvania and three in Texas. On Tuesday, they were right on the front row for the prayer rally. “It’s great that his son is in ministry, and it doesn’t hurt that he looks like him and sounds like him,” Bob Spaeth said with a smile.
Franklin Graham encouraged those in attendance to pray, vote and consider getting involved in the political process. "Let's take our country back," he said in closing.
An emotional time of prayer with a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain. Chaplains have been on site at every prayer rally for moments like this.
Capturing the moment.
Sharing the patriotic spirit.
All smiles.
No matter the age, enthusiasm was high during Tuesday's prayer rally.
Flags waved high as Dennis Agajanian led the crowd in "God Bless America" at the end of Tuesday's prayer rally.