Decision America Tour: Photos from Tennessee

By Tommy Berry and Earl Davidson   •   May 3, 2016

Charlie Daniels and Michael W. Smith, both Tennessee residents, led the crowd in worship during Franklin Graham's 20th Decision America stop in Nashville on Tuesday.
A view from the back: Around 8,600 people stood in questionable weather to be part of Decision America. That's the highest attended tour stop so far, with 30 more states to go.
Franklin Graham chats with one of many officers who helped keep the event safe.
Woman singing
Decision America rallies are a time for prayer but also for worship.
Sign with verse
Where two or more are gathered indeed.
Charlie Daniels is as quick on the fiddle as ever. He started the prayer rally with "I'll Fly Away."
Man in TN hat
Praying for the great state of Tennessee.
Man and woman holding "Jesus" signs
A name we can't forget as we look for guidance for our nation.
Cross in crowd
“America is being stripped of its biblical heritage and of its God-given foundation,” Franklin Graham told the crowd, urging them to take action without delay by praying and getting involved in the election process.
Franklin Graham being interviewed
The Decision America Tour has caught the eye of multiple media outlets.
large Jesus sign
Many in the crowd were sure to get a picture of this sign.
Franklin talking to reporter
Making conversation with one woman there to help cover the event.
Franklin Graham with officers
The Decision America team is thankful for all the men and women who help keep the event and crowds safe during the rallies.
Charlie Daniels raises his bow as Dennis Agajanian plays guitar onstage.
Franklin Graham shares Scripture from the book of Nehemiah at each event. “We need more Nehemiahs,” he said, referring to the prophet’s commitment to praying for his people and repenting on behalf of the rulers in his day.
Sitting on wall, praying
The Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham is continuing across the country.
woman with arms raised
Many people who have attended the prayer rallies say it's time for Christians to stop being so passive and stand firm for God.
Tuesday’s prayer rally attendees got a double treat. The Charlie Daniels Band kicked the event off with a couple of worship songs and Michael W. Smith later joined them for a special rendition of "Amazing Grace" at the end.