Decision America Tour: Photos from New Jersey

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   September 14, 2016

crowd in Trenton NJ
An estimated 2,700 people joined Franklin Graham for the Decision America Tour at the New Jersey State House on Sept. 14.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham typically opens his Decision America prayer rallies by talking about his father, Billy Graham, whose 98th birthday is coming up on Nov. 7.
New Jersey residents and others from nearby Pennsylvania came together to ask God for forgiveness.
During each prayer rally, Franklin Graham encourages those in attendance to take a stand for God and country by signing a pledge via text message.
David Jackson in Revolutionary War clothing
David Jackson showed up at the prayer rally in full Revolutionary War garb. It couldn't have been pleasant to wear a wool waistcoat on a 90-degree day, but Jackson wanted to serve as a visible reminder of America's Christian heritage.
family posing for photo with David Jackson
Plenty of people posed for photos with David Jackson, who has studied U.S. history including the American Revolution. "I wanted to come to this and introduce the body of Christ present with the body of Christ past," Jackson said. He also pointed out that the prayer rally was taking place in the same area where Gen. George Washington led his troops to victory during the Battle of Trenton in 1776. Letters between some of those troops and their family members have shown Jackson that Americans have relied on their faith in Jesus Christ for centuries.
woman holding pray sign
"I'm not going to tell you who to vote for," Franklin Graham told the crowd. "God will tell you that," he continued as he called on Christians to pray for wisdom before voting.
woman praying
Praying for God to forgive the sins of the United States and heal the land.
Franklin shaking hands with boy
Franklin Graham stops to meet a young man who attended the prayer rally on Wednesday. Franklin has several grandchildren and has expressed concern that they are not inheriting a country that puts its trust in God.
crowd in Trenton NJ
There are seven states left on the Decision America Tour.