Decision America Tour: Photos From New Hampshire

By   •   January 19, 2016

"I know your hands are cold. My hands are cold," Franklin Graham said outside the State House in Concord, New Hampshire. But taking time to come together and pray for America, he added, is worth it.
Over 1,500 people came out to pray for America and hear Franklin Graham speak, including two people listening from atop a parking deck across the street.
Sure, they could've stayed home and prayed for the country on their own, but gathering together shows how serious they are about unifying as a nation, some attendees said.
Dennis Agajanian focused the crowd's attention with songs about America.
"I hope a revival comes from this today,” New Hampshire resident Jim Madden said.
Lots of people in the crowd were there with family and friends.
Handing out flags to dedicated attendees. Some broke out in song while waiting for the event to begin. One group sang “How Great is Our God” at the bottom of the Capitol steps.
Franklin Graham said he believes revival is possible sooner than later: “When God is in something and behind something, time is not an issue."
America has strayed far from God, Franklin Graham said, but there's hope for turning it around again.
Staying warm in colonial gear.
Franklin Graham has often spoken about America's moral decline. "This is a spiritual battle we’re in,” said Alisa Anderson, who works at Concord Christian Academy. But like so many others who gathered Tuesday, she said she believes in the power of prayer.
Holding hands in prayer.
As one woman left the prayer rally, she said she was excited to tell others about it. "We’re gonna spread the word!” she said.
The State House in Concord emptied when the Decision America stop was over, but the movement doesn't end there. Those who attended were encouraged to start community prayer groups and to encourage fellow Christians to run for office at all levels.