Decision America Tour: Photos from Nebraska

By Ron Nickel and Paul Sherar   •   May 18, 2016

Franklin Graham speaking
What's the best way to make a difference this election season? "Vote!" Franklin Graham told the crowd.
An estimated 3,200 people joined Franklin Graham at the Nebraska State Capitol on Wednesday for prayer. This little guy was ready.
Franklin Graham talking to crowd
Franklin Graham is visiting all 50 states this year through the Decision America Tour.
Crew members working
A behind the scenes look at what's needed to take the Decision America Tour from state to state. These guys are putting together the backdrop Franklin Graham will stand in front of.
Group in prayer
Each person took a neighbor's hand to unite in prayer at the Nebraska State Capitol.
Young woman with flag
Sharing flags with friends.
Group holding hands and praying
Standing tall and united for God's Word.
Women smiling with flags
Happy to pray with Franklin Graham and thousands of others for their state and nation.
Family posing
Hanging with the whole family.
Crowd from the sky
An aerial view of Wednesday's prayer rally.
Young boy in prayer
For many, the Decision America Tour is about changing the nation for future generations.
Man holding American flag
Franklin Graham is urging Christians around the nation to take a stand now.
Girl smiling
A flag and a smile.
Women taking photo
Selfie time!
Man wearing shirt saying, 'The Sermonator: He'll be back'
He'll be back.
Franklin Graham at podium
"We need more Nehemiahs," Franklin Graham told the crowd, referring to the call for Christians to stand in prayer for the sins of a nation and its leaders.
Woman with phone and flag
Fully engaged in Franklin Graham's message.
Man praying
Deep in prayer.
Woman with flag attire
Proud to be an American.
Group smiling
Excited Decision America volunteers.